September 2014

4 Simple Steps to Setting up a Lean Maintenance Program

Evolve from a culture of fire fighting to one of flawless maintenance execution and more time spent on improvement activities by implementing a Lean Maintenance program. Here are four clear and simple steps to setting up your Lean Maintenance program.


fOS Part I – A Roadmap to World Class Manufacturing Execution

This is Part I of a five part series of posts meant to shape the framework of the fOS Methodology and philosophy. fOS is an acronym for Facility Operating System and is proprietary methodology developed by myself for Manuficient Consulting. The goal of the fOS Methodology is to provide a factory with a roadmap to World Class Execution, which I regard as at least 85% OEE.

Superior Quality

We work off of three principles of quality:
1) The essential rightness of our consultation - this requires rigorous discovery, challenging assumptions, knowing and applying industry best-practices, and sound analysis
2) Constant communication - this includes lock-step collaboration combined with clearly communicated analysis, findings, and recommendations
3) Excellent and professional project execution - this means we do what we say we will and nothing less. We aim to exceed client expectations with every engagement

Exceptional Speed

For the quality of service we provide, our competitors are big and slow. We are small and fast. When you know where you're going, you tend to get there a lot quicker. Our approaches have been battle tested time and time again and the results are always outstanding. We understand the body of science that is essential for operational excellence and can quickly deploy the right mix of techniques to put your manufacturing operation on the fast track.

Unbeatable Cost

Manuficient will provide the same or better quality that you would expect from a top tier Management Consulting firm at about a fourth of the cost. We are able to do this because we do not carry nearly the administrative overhead structure that top tier firms carry. However, since our consultants are former star employees of those same top tier firms, we can provide substantial value for the cost. A typical return on investment for our services far exceeds 10 to 1.

Factory Operating System Implementation for Leading Petfood Manufacturer

Client Issue: Our client was a global leading petfood manufacturer who needed a means of tracking daily production performance in real time that engaged employees in business management. We needed to implement a system that was highly visual, required shop floor employee engagement, and established effective communication and resolution of plant issues.

Production Throughput Increase

Consistently run production lines and systems at optimal speeds. Implement tools and techniques to help ensure maximum run rates are being achieved and maintained in real-time.

System Downtime Reduction

Increase system uptime by applying proven methods for decreasing planned downtime such as changeovers, start-ups, and shutdowns; and unplanned downtime such as breakdowns, equipment jams, and other factors.

Production Yield Improvement

Maximize process yield by applying best-in-class strategies for closing gaps in your production system.

Define Operational Perfection

Perfection for a manufacturing operation is the absence of inefficiency, or process waste. It is seamless execution. It is spending every minute of every day in a state of operational bliss where everything and everyone is in the zone of impenetrable harmony. Product quality is flawless; machines run like an impeccable script; manufacturing teams perform like a masterfully orchestrated symphony; and the supply chain delivers like clockwork.