New Booklet: The fOS - A Guide to World-Class Execution for American Manufacturers

As any manufacturing leader who has attempted to implement Lean, Six Sigma, Agile Manufacturing or any other Continuous Improvement initiative can tell you, it's not quite as "plug and play" as it seems in all the books and websites. It's now being estimated that as many as 70% of American Continuous Improvement initiatives fail. This video provides some insight to this phenomena and sheds some light on some of the prevailing reasons:

The new booklet from Manuficient Consulting titled: The fOS, provides the solution for American manufacturers to cultivate the Operational Discipline needed for successful CI implementations. The goal of the fOS is world-class execution, which is widely regarded as 85% Operational Equipment Effectiveness (or OEE). I wanted you to be among the first to get a copy and get a head start on implementing some of the best-practices used by America's most successful manufacturers to drive Operational Discipline and a culture of CI. You can access the booklet from:

The fOS - A Guide to World-Class Execution for American Manufacturers

The booklet is also available at Smashword and other select retailers.



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