Change Management System Implementation

Situation: Our client was a global leading CPG manufacturer who needed a process of ensuring that changes were being managed appropriately. There were significant losses in efficiency and exposure to quality risks due to multiple changes that were occurring at the facility such as packaging, product, and process changes.

Approach: Our approach was to thoroughly understand the current operating model when it came to processing changes to the manufacturing system and determine where the breakdowns in communication were occurring on a regular basis. Then we researched and applied best practices in Agile Manufacturing to determine approaches to increase agility and preparedness for changes. We then vetted some of the ideas with the Management team to tailor a solution that fit well with the current operating system.

Solution: We finally developed a custom Change Management System to fit the specific needs of the client. It included Risk Assessments, Stakeholder Buy-offs, a Change Management Meeting / Communication Structure, and several other components of a highly effective Change Management System. This system helped the client to win several inter-company awards for developing and implementing a best-in-class Change Management System. This system was also applied network-wide and used to drive stronger collaboration across functional groups including Marketing, Manufacturing, Sales, Supply Chain, etc.