Internal Lean Six Sigma Certification Program Implementation

Situation: Our client is an emerging CPG client that wanted to increase its internal Lean Six Sigma competency by providing supplemental training and certification to select members of its internal team.

Approach: We took the time to understand the specific needs of the client from the standpoint of what the leadership wanted to achieve and most frequent process failures. We wanted to develop a program that covered the basics of Lean Six Sigma but also tailored the learning so that the focus was placed in areas that would be most beneficial to the client. For example, this particular client had a highly automated facility. There were no areas in the factory that were labor intensive. As such, we chose not to focus on areas such as work studies and crewing guides. Instead, we focused on areas such as PDCA (or Root Cause Analysis) including 5-Why and Fishbone, TPM including Autonomous Maintenance and Preventative Maintenance.

Results: We developed an internal Certification Program that is still being used today by the client. We were able to certify 15 engineers and mechanics at the internal Black Belt level and 25 mechanics and operators at the internal Green Belt level. We also developed trainers to continue to certify the workforce and increase internal competency. As part of the implementation, we included a hard-hat sticker and desk stack-up kit to allow people to show how many improvement events they had led or participated in to-date.