Operating Cost Reduction

We have helped clients with operating budgets ranging from $10MM to $700MM annually to cut their operating costs by as much as 35%. The typical 12 week engagement would result in a clear roadmap detailing a ranked list of improvement opportunities and have steps in place to begin the implementation process. This would include defined (and bought in) internal process owners, training material developed, and savings opportunities quantified. We can also support with the full implementation of any changes needed for a successful transformation. These engagements typically require as many as 25 weeks to execute.

Over the years, we have developed a suite of dozens of improvement methods that are founded in the principles of Lean, Six Sigma, and Agile Manufacturing. What makes us unique is that we place a premium on developing and implementing solutions that are tailored for the specific nuances of the client's culture. For example, if the client strongly values retaining employees, we would not build a set of recommendations around cutting headcount. Instead, we would focus on areas to improve employee output, increase material yield, or redeploy resources to more productive purposes. We also prioritize our recommendations so that the low hanging fruit (high impact and easy to implement) projects are cued up to be executed early to drive momentum.

Our suite of cost reduction services include:
- Labor and work standardization
- Changeover reduction
- 5S Training Implementation
- Capital Budgeting and Implementation
- Improvement Project Justification
- Kaizen Facilitation, Implementation, and Training
- Root Cause Analysis Facilitation, Implementation, and Training
- Internal Lean / Six Sigma Certification Program Development and Training
- Bottleneck Analysis and Improvement
- Material Loss Analysis and Improvement
- Downtime Analysis and Improvement
- OEE Calculation and Implementation
- DMAIC Facilitation and Training
...and many others

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