Business Case Analysis

Do you have some specific business decisions to make involving manufacturing? Have you done the due diligence to determine how that change is likely to impact employee safety, quality, cost, customer service levels, scalability, agility, and other critical business factors? How often do we make hasty changes in business that end up biting us later on down the line? Sometimes you just don't have the time or professional talent available on hand to perform a thorough due diligence on an important business decision at the time you need it. Lorne Michaels wrote “The show does not go on because it’s ready; it goes on because it’s 11:30." We can help you identify the true overall impact of a decision or set of alternatives to determine which one most aligns with your organizational priorities.

Below are some specific services we provide to perform business case analysis:
- Business Modeling and Scenario Analysis
- Cost / Benefit Analysis
- Risk Assessment and Sensitivity Analysis
- Risk Mitigation Analysis
- Capital Project Justification
and many others

Many times, unexpected opportunities become apparent throughout the due diligence process. In addition to the services listed, we also present alternative approaches to better satisfy your business objectives. Our approaches are heavily analytical with strong application of the manufacturing sciences such as Lean, Six Sigma, and Agile. We can not only provide you with a comprehensive package of improvement steps, we can support you in actually implementing the recommended changes.