Should-Cost Analysis

You would be surprised how often there is a huge chasm between what something should cost and what it either: actually costs, is being charged for, is expected to cost. Often in business, you don't have time to challenge some of the assumptions that lead to overpaying for materials, labor, or internal process waste. In determining what something "should-cost" you almost always get a more objective response by leveraging outside support to perform the due diligence. We have helped customers and manufacturers identify anywhere between 15 - 30% cost reductions by calculating what material or internal processes should cost. We also provide a comprehensive list of actions to be taken to arrive at the "Should-Cost".

Below are some of the services we provide to perform Should-Cost Analysis:
- Labor Utilization Analysis
- Supplier Labor Utilization Analysis
- Material Yield Analysis
- Supplier Material Yield Analysis
- Value Add vs Non-Value Add Analysis
- Business Modeling and Scenario Analysis
- Manufacturing Cost Projection for New Products
...and many more.

Our approaches are heavily analytical with strong application of the manufacturing sciences such as Lean, Six Sigma, and Agile. We can not only provide you with a comprehensive package of improvement steps, we can support you in actually implementing the recommended changes.