Manufacturing Network Optimization

It is well documented that processes naturally tend toward chaos unless effective order is established. A manufacturing network is not immune to this dynamic. Often new products are added to a given portfolio and insufficient analysis goes into where it should be made and why. Often at the time the decision is made to make a new product, you really don't have all the information needed to determine where to make it. Sometimes you can end up with a plant on the East coast serving markets on the West coast or Southwest because the manufacturing processes were set up based on the assumption that the products would sell better on the East coast. Every once in a while, every manufacturer needs to perform a Network Analysis and Optimization to determine how much cost could be driven out of its manufacturing system by shifting production lines to the most economical location.

Below are some of the services we provide to perform Network Optimization:
- Network and Plant Capacity Analysis
- Network and Plant Capability Analysis
- Network and Plant Cost Analysis
- Business Case Analysis
- Risk and Risk Mitigation Analysis
- Labor Cost and Capability Analysis
- Logistics (inbound and outbound) Cost Analysis
- Capital Project Development and Justification
...and many more

Our approaches are heavily analytical with strong application of the manufacturing sciences such as Lean, Six Sigma, and Agile. We can not only provide you with a comprehensive package of improvement steps, we can support you in actually implementing the recommended changes.