Factory Operating System Implementation for Leading Petfood Manufacturer

Client Issue: Our client was a global leading petfood manufacturer who needed a means of tracking daily production performance in real time that engaged employees in business management. We needed to implement a system that was highly visual, required shop floor employee engagement, and established effective communication and resolution of plant issues.

Overall Approach: We used fundamentals from Lean, Six Sigma, and Agile Manufacturing best-practices to develop a system of tracking and updating KPI's and escalating emerging issues. We also provided training on continuous improvement reaction protocols such as root cause analysis, kaizen events (or Rapid Improvement Events), and capital project justification to provide a means to addressing the issues that plagued daily performance. We established a system of metrics, meetings, and performance management protocols that highlighted opportunities for improvement and help increase operational discipline. The factory Operating System was a strong catalyst for the facilities Lean implementation.

Project Results: The client was set on a path of continued cost reduction which also fostered in a culture of continuous improvement. We saw marked engagement at the shop floor level and operators and mechanics began to lead improvement initiatives in their areas. OEE was driven from around 40% to nearly 80% in some areas with other areas beginning to follow suit.

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