Production Throughput Increase

Having the ability to sell more product that you can make is not necessarily the worst problem in the world...but it is a problem. And we can help you with that. We have helped manufacturers to identify their true system bottlenecks considering not only process capacity, but also efficiency losses by area such as machine unreliability, changeover time, and other losses. We understand that the three primary approaches to increase throughput include process efficiency improvement, capital improvements (faster or more machines), and increasing available hours (adding manhours). The balancing act comes in to reaching your throughput targets while effectively controlling costs and establishing a scalable production model.

Below are some of the specific services we provide to help you develop the optimal mix of techniques to increase throughput:
- Business Modeling and Scenario Analysis
- Capital Project Development and Justification
- Business Case Analysis
- Bottleneck Analysis
- Changeover Time Reduction
- Downtime Improvement
- Shift Structuring Analysis
- Man vs Machine Power Analysis
- Root Cause Analysis Facilitation, Implementation, and Training

Our approaches are heavily analytical with strong application of the manufacturing sciences such as Lean, Six Sigma, and Agile. We can not only provide you with a comprehensive package of improvement steps, we can support you in actually implementing the recommended changes.