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Labor Utilization Analysis & Crewing Tool Implementation

Client Issue: The client was a leading protein production and packaging manufacturer who used heavily manual operations for trimming and styling functions. There were minimal metrics in place to track labor utilization and no usable crewing standards in place for the supervisor to know how many people were supposed to be on the line. Labor was determined by the supervisors estimate for the product run and who showed up that day to work.

Production Throughput Increase Analysis & Implementation

Client Issue: The client was a private equity firm who had recently purchased a rapidly growing CPG manufacturer with sales volumes that were starting to exceed production capacity, especially during peak season. The client wanted to maintain a level workforce and use slower seasons to pre-build inventory for peak season. This was an attempt to level the workload to match the crew and keep overtime hours from spiking during peak season.

Planned & Unplanned Downtime Reduction

Client Situation: The client is a leading CPG / food contract manufacturer who was looking to minimize planned and unplanned downtime. Their production process used a massive cooking system that worked on a timer system and did not have the surge capacity to accommodate substantial packaging downtime. Excessive downtime was resulting in excessive amounts of food loss and additional downtime if the scheduled cook cycle was missed due to packaging downtime.